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"Don't let anyone move your cheese"

Updated: Feb 17

In a recent conversation with my sister, she talked about a discussion she had with a friend about work-life balance. They were debating whether she should stick with her current job or start searching for a new one. They discussed the key reasons for staying or leaving. At the end of the conversation, my sister said, "Whatever you do, just don't let anyone move your cheese." This statement referred to the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" which my sister had recently read. The book had a positive impact on her, especially after facing negative experiences at work.

I don't know how my sister's friend reacted to the comment. Did it resonate with her? Did it serve as a warning to make her own decisions instead of letting others decide for her? Though I may never know what impact my sister's words had on her friend, her statement stayed with me for days. It reminded me to take control, live empowered, and be prepared for change.

These days, no two hours feel the same, as change is happening fast. It's not about embracing change anymore, but rather realizing that change has moved into the neighbourhood, permanently.

Whether we choose the change or not, we must all respond to it. We can't ignore it or wish it away. Change is here to stay, and we must learn to positively coexist with it.

The question is, how do you make friends with a new neighbour?

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